My Other Published Fiction

In addition to my novel, you can also read my short stories in the following fine publications:

"The Fridges," in Apalachee Review

"What Is...?" in CICADA [Excerpt only]

"Relish," in Graze [Excerpt only]

"Mom's Prized Piece of Junk," in Paper Darts

"Fibroblasts," in fwriction:review

"After the Blast," the first story from my second book(-in-progress), a collection of linked stories inspired by American immigration law, was also published in Yemassee. (This may well be the only thing that American immigration law has ever inspired.)

...And if fiction isn't your bag, you can also read my creative nonfiction here:

"When Life Hands You Lemon Slices..." in DRAFT Magazine

"The Importance of Revision," in PANK's "This Modern Writer" series

"Bull Sessions: Journalism's Bloodsport Love Affair," in Open Letters Monthly

"Some Words and Their Meanings," in Memoir Journal [Not available online]

"Errands With Andre," my profile of Andre Dubus III, in The Good Men Project

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