My Comic

In 2004, I was a sociology major at McGill University, and taking a required class called "Classical Sociological Theory." The professor, a great man by the name of Rodney Nelson, did his best with it—but when you're assigning hundreds of pages of Marx, Durkheim, and Engels to nineteen-year-olds every week, it's kind of an uphill battle, you know?

Anyway, about six weeks into the semester I was (somehow) keeping up with all that reading and it was making me pretty loopy, so I put together this (in retrospect, kind of lame) web comic to let off some steam. Bizarrely, people liked it. Mostly people in my improv troupe, admittedly—but I kept doing it anyway. Soon I got one published in the McGill Daily. Then I started making fun of Steven Pinker, which my dad thought was hilarious, so he started forwarding it around all his academic friends. Then my mom started reading.

After that, I couldn't really stop, and over the years I've attracted a German fan club (kind of), been linked on Reddit and The Hairpin, and even launched my own line of merchandise.

Currently, the comic is in it's ninth year, and is published every Friday, with two weeks off every year. (You try giving the father of organized labour no vacation days.) You can browse the entire oeuvre at