My Book

Like reading my words on a screen? You'll like reading them even more on the page! My first novel, What Ends, the winner of the 2012 AWP Prize in the Novel and a semifinalist in the 2012 Breakthrough Novel Award, is now available in its U.S. edition (New Issues Press, January 2014) on Barnes & NobleBooks-a-MillionAmazon, and IndieBound. The U.K. edition will be available August 2014 from Oneworld.

You can also see me reading from the book at The Casserole, an online reading series hosted by Chelsea Kurnick.

Here's what the smart people are saying:
"A poignant and touching melancholy suffuses the small moments in this lyrical… bittersweet coming-of-age tale." —Publishers Weekly (describing the manuscript version of the novel submitted to the Breakthrough Novel Award)

"[A] quietly profound debut." —David Gutowski, Largehearted Boy (Twitter)

"What Ends is an exquisitely conjured eulogy for a vanishing way of life. Andrew Ladd's wise and vital voice is descended from Flaubert by way of William Trevor. His sentences mesmerize, beckon as if from another time. This is no debut but a masterwork, an absorbing micro-saga whose completion we mourn. What Ends reminds us of all a novel can be." —Claire Vaye Watkins, author of Battleborn

"[A] remarkable, haunting novel." —Kathryn Davis, author of The Thin Place, Versailles, and Duplex

"[Written] in exquisite prose... What Ends is the rare debut by a writer whose work you know you'll be reading for many years." —Ladette Randolph, author of Haven's Wake

"What a lovely writer Andrew Ladd is and what a compelling story he has written about the five members of the McCloud family and their island home. Each of the McClouds is rendered with a vivid complexity and it is that vividness which makes What Ends so truly suspenseful and so deeply satisfying... A sparkling and eloquent debut." —Margot Livesey, author of The Flight of Gemma Hardy
"Andrew Ladd writes with the care of a poet and the maturity of a seasoned novelist. What Ends is a tribute to a struggling way of life, and an arresting challenge to those who would call that struggle progress. A wonderful book." —Danielle Trussoni, author of Angelopolis 
"Like its Hebridean setting, What Ends is landscape of subtle shifts and bright revelations. With a keen eye and a generous heart Andrew Ladd charts the lives of an island's last family, bringing their remote home from the periphery of world events to the center of our attention as he tells a story inextricably local yet universal at the same time. This quietly sweeping debut is a bittersweet, triumphant champion for all those swept up in the forces of historical change." —Steve Himmer, author of The Bee-Loud Glade 
...and here's what you'll find on the jacket:
In 1980 the McCloud family welcomes Trevor, their third child and the last to be born on Eilean Fìor, a small island off the west coast of Scotland. Life there, on the eve of Trevor’s birth, is grim: the population, once in the hundreds, now hovers around thirty; his parents stubbornly maintain the family business, a guesthouse, despite their increasing trouble turning a profit; and a plague of rats threatens to wipe out the island’s last remaining hopes. Against this backdrop, and through a series of interlocking narratives spanning from Trevor’s birth to the present day, What Ends follows each of the McClouds as they navigate their ever-more fragile lives.

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