March 26, 2014

Yet Another Open Letter to Andrew Ladd

Dear Andrew Ladd,

You never acknowledged my previous two open letters, I suspect because you didn't read them. So I doubt you'll be reading this one, either.

Just in case you are, though, I thought I'd drop you a quick line in solidarity.

See, at the beginning of the week my Google Alerts exploded with the news that your second child was born on Sunday (congratulations, by the way). As a result, you sat out your team's Monday night game to stay at home and, you know, be with your wife and new daughter.

Then, my Google Alerts exploded with the news that a bunch of jerks on Twitter were "slamming" you for sitting out Monday night's game. (I would think you're used to getting slammed, as a hockey player, but I guess that doesn't necessarily mean you enjoy it.)

Anyway, the angry tweeters' logic (if you can call it that) is that playing hockey is your job, and that, because your employer is still tenuously hanging onto the possibility of a postseason, you have a responsibility to turn up. Your absence on Monday night was akin, in their minds, to a CEO taking a day off the week before a major product launch.

Well, I call bull on them. For one thing, they live in Canada, which has some of the most generous parental leave benefits in the world. As a Canadian, Andrew Ladd, you're legally entitled to time off from your job when you have a child, no matter what you do. So don't let some snotty blogger make you feel bad about it.

But more to the point, anyone "slamming" you for this needs to get a freakin' life. You're a person first and a hockey player second, Andrew Ladd, and if the Winnipeg Jets' playoff prospects are really so important to some Twitter troll that he can't acknowledge, you know, your basic humanity... Well, I think that's pretty ridiculous.

Anyway, Andrew Ladd, I just wanted to let you know that I've got your back on this one. After all, like I keep saying: if we Andrew Ladds can't count on each other, who can we count on? Right?

Yours, as always, in homonymery,

Andrew Ladd

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Choctaw Willy said...

Here i thought i just coined the word 'homonymery', in a letter to my sister, with reference to several poems i've written recently and a crossword puzzle i must someday compose... Yet she found this usage from several years ago, by googling.
I tip my hat to you, sir.

If you care, my poem 'Homonym Games' can be found on my Facebook page 'Choctaw Willy'

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