October 08, 2013

I Guess This Makes McCain a Bipartisan

From the New York Times: Lift ‘Threats,’ Obama Insists, Spurning Talks
Eight days since House Republicans refused to finance the government because Mr. Obama would not defund or delay the new health care law, and nine days before the Treasury Department says it will reach the legal limit to borrow money for existing bills and obligations, the two parties showed no movement toward an accord...

Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, blamed both parties. “Shouldn’t we be embarrassed about this? Shouldn’t we be ashamed?” he said, his voice rising in anger as he described how death benefits were being denied to families of fallen troops because much of the government is closed. “And the list goes on and on of people, of innocent Americans who have fallen victim to the reality that we can’t sit down and talk like grown-ups.”
Well said, John McCain. It's good to see that even after your decades of service in the Senate, you've managed to avoid the jaded, partisan cynicism keeping the government shuttered this month, and that you're still speaking up for a mature, accommodating approach to political negotiation.
Separately, Senate Democrats introduced a measure to raise the debt limit without any conditions, and initial votes could come by Friday. Yet it is far from clear whether Democrats will have support from six Republicans to break the likely Republican filibuster... Mr. McCain, [a] frequent bridge between the two parties, said Tuesday that he would vote no.

Can somebody please call Congress and tell them that governance is not just one big fucking talking point? Thanks.

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