June 23, 2013

I Guess I'll Take It

To try and keep better tabs on my web presence as my novel's publication date grows nearer, I've finally set up a couple of Google Alerts. (Apparently just in time for them to die, but oh well.) Mostly this means I get a lot of email about the hockey player Andrew Ladd (sigh), but because the book's title, What Ends, is a not totally uncommon pairing of words, I've also started getting random emails about, well... Pretty much anything.

Today, though, was definitely my favourite so far. Apparently, someone late last night asked Ask.com: "Is the male sperm what ends up becoming the baby in the women's fetus?"

...to which a hilarious jerk (or maybe just an even more confused person) replied: "No, it's a small part of the males penis that breaks off and it's cells divide to create BABY."

Seriously, though, abstinence-only sex education is a great idea.

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