May 29, 2012

Is That Spam In Your Pocket, Or...?

Now here is some spam/phishing/other miscellaneous internet weirdness I can get behind: within two hours of each other last Wednesday, I got the following three emails to my blog account.
Hello Andrew,

I am following up to find out if you are still interested in a guest post on your blog.Would you like me to come up with an idea?

Best Regards,

Hi ,

Just wondering if you had a chance to read my last email about a guest post on your blog.Are you still interested?

Thank you for your consideration,

And finally:
Hi Andrew,

Just wondering if you had a chance to read my last email about a guest post on your blog. Have you had a chance to read my email? Can you let me know your thoughts?

Have a great day,

Discounting the possibility that there is actually a poor woman out there with multiple personality disorder and a lot of spare Gmail invitations (does Gmail even still have invitations? No? Remember this guy?), I have to admire the pure genius of this scam.

I mean, who is more likely to reply to a request for collaboration from a mysterious woman with a mildly exotic name (not you, Linda, sorry), than a lonely male blogger? Even the savviest of internet nerds can't help but let their guard drop a little bit, as they bathe shirtless and pantless in the blue light of their computer screen, when Jeanna writes and practically begs for *sultry pause* "your thoughts". It's dastardly in its simplicity. And before long, who knows what else Jeanna will be asking for?

Anyway, the bottom line is, a Russian cyber-criminal now has total control of my identity and bank accounts. Sorry Mallory.

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JRH said...

I've been getting those emails too, for a blog that, yes, my email address appears on, but is clearly not my blog. Hilarious. Internetz!

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