April 03, 2012

Things You Might Play Golf On

Folks, sorry for the long silence — it has been a busy few weeks here at pundigrions HQ. I filed my taxes. I received three form rejections. I took the Jeopardy! contestant test. [Now ends your tantalizing glimpse into the rock and roll lifestyle of a twenty-something writer living in Brooklyn.]

I also wrote my LAST EVER book review for the Good Men Project. I will be staying on with them as an "Editor-at-large," which I assume is some kind of fat joke, but we decided that the book reviews had run their useful course. Anyway, for one last dose of science-related philosobabble — and, of course, another classic Steven Pinker zing — go check out my review of Sebastian Seung's Connectome.

At the suggestion of the editorial staff over at Ploughshares, I also wrote a round-up of funny books in honor of April Fools' Day — and, as a commenter quickly pointed out, missed about seven gazillion really obvious ones.

More news, soon.

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