February 01, 2012

A Place to Play Golf

This week, two links to share with you: my latest review at the Good Men Project, and, something that I am personally far more excited about for reasons about to become clear, an essay I wrote about bullfighting journalism at Open Letters Monthly.

The idea for the bullfighting essay came to me two years ago, almost, when I was taking a magazine writing class at Emerson. The class was generally awesome, but it had two pieces of bullfighting journalism on the syllabus, and as it happened the New Yorker also published a tangential Talk of the Town piece that same month, and they were all so dewey-eyed and fawning and uncritical about this frankly kind of awful "sport" I wanted to say to someone JESUS!, enough already! So I started writing a rant about it, and the more research I did the longer and more intricate it got, until finally, last week — after picking away at it in between so many novel drafts ever since — the lovely people at OLM decided to take it. So, as you might expect, after I've finally had published the most sustained and impassioned essay I've ever written, I am pretty chuffed.

But, uh, anyway... the GMP thing is good, too. Really. There's an awesome zinger in the first line and everything. Go read!

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