August 09, 2011

Gratuitous Qualifier of the Year Award

Spotted in today's Metro:

Yes, I imagine these white girls were on their way to church or chess club or the Brownies or something. Is that a BlackBerry in her hand? I'm sure she's only using it to update the police on where the rioters are going next.

Meanwhile, from the New York Times:
The postponements offered a dramatic reminder of the pressures on Mr. Cameron and his colleagues to guarantee a peaceful environment for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.
I believe they were also a dramatic reminder of HOW FUCKING AWFUL HIS STUPID AUSTERITY CUTS ARE! The OLYMPICS? Are you KIDDING me? ("Gosh, Tarquin, do you think my fencing tickets will still be valid after all this?") PERSPECTIVE, people!
Mr. Cameron, standing outside his office and residence at 10 Downing Street, said lawmakers would be called back from their summer recess for one day on Thursday to enable Parliament to assess the situation.
And I suspect most of that day will be spent trying to work out why all the rioters aren't also at their villas in Tuscany this month.

N.B. I have little sympathy for violence. But I have less sympathy for the people who think this entire thing is completely uncalled for, impossible to understand or justify, motivated by spite and/or stupidity, etc. If you ask me, the question everyone not rioting should be asking is: "If I, as a rational human being, feel like I would never be driven to act this way, what must life be like for these other rational human beings that they have?"

That, and: "Do you think my fencing tickets will still be valid after all this?"


Gabi Coatsworth said...

You don't think boredom and the development of a (maybe flash) mob mentality has anything to do with it? It's the looting part that bothers me. I have blogged about this too, being from Ealing... if you'd like to read it

Anonymous said...

It seems like a reasonable qualifier to me. If a newspaper publishes a picture of someone standing beside a recently-committed crime scene without clarifying that the person pictured wasn't responsible, they could very rightly be sued for defamation.

The rioting is relatively easy to understand: some people felt they could get away with stealing and wrecking stuff because lots of other people were doing it at the same time. Riots can be caused by people being angry at injustice or their social situation. They can also be caused from anger at their hockey team losing in the playoffs, or from a rock concert being cut short.

- Dye!

Andrew said...

Welllll.... I see what you mean re: defamation, but the caption "Two girls walk past a burning car in Hackney" doesn't really imply that they started the fire, does it?

As usual, at any rate, you have made me appear foolish with your sober sanity. Thanks! :-)

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