February 03, 2011

Letterman, Eat Your Heart Out

Top ten panels this year at AWP, the annual writers conference:

10. "People Who Mumble Into Microphones: A Panel Discussion"

9. "Making Your Manuscript The Best It Can Be: How to Kill Your Darlings, Really Make Your Prose Shine, Read Your Manuscript As if it Were Someone Else's, and Other Tips For Getting Published"

8. "Ekphrasis: Your Guide To The Word That Is In At Least One Panel Title Every Year"

7. "Women Writers Writing Women's Writing About Women: A Reading"

6. "Come Hear The Editor of a Prestigious Journal Make Jokes About What It Takes To Get Published In Their Journal, In the Hope That Attending Will, In Fact, Get You Published In It"

5. "Life At A Fledgling Lit Journal: A Roundtable Discussion With The Editors of Broken Coffepot Review, Dirtboob, Julianna Baggot, and Tumbleweed Fortune Teller"

4. "Look, Other People Get Rejected Too! Group Catharsis As Affirmation of Self-Worth"

3. "Is e-Publishing Killing The Publishing Industry Any More Than When We Couldn't Arrive At A Definite Answer Last Year?"

2. "Is It Really Possible To Teach Writing? Writing Teachers and Their Successful Students Reflect"

And, of course...

1. "Oh, Shit, I Forgot I Signed Up For This Thing: Four Panelists on the Importance of Not Agreeing to Panels on the Last Night of the Previous Year's Conference"


Katie Vagnino said...

Excellent, excellent all around. Wish I was at AWP. My favorite actual panels from when I attended two years ago:

Don't Stand so Close to Me: Controlling Narrative Distance

Jewish Poetry vs. Poetry by Jews

Gay Regionalism through the Eyes of Appalachia

Avoiding Sick Mothers, Absent Fathers, and Losing Your Virginity: The Tropes and Traps of Nonfiction

Quantum Narratology: Toward a Transactional Interpretation

Bridget said...

See? This is why I miss going to AWP! I totally would have hit up that Ekphrasis panel. And I don't even know what that means.

Kim said...

I think I might have actually GONE to see the "Avoiding Sick Mothers, Absent Fathers, and Losing Your Virginity" panel.... but then again, maybe I only remember avoiding it.

Mal said...

I don't think many people at AWP have to try very hard to avoid losing their virginity. Heyo!

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