October 28, 2010

You Take The Highbrow

From BBC News: Scottish university graduates 'should pay'

Oh, they'll pay, alright — this is the country where students drink vodka through their eyes.
The body representing Scotland's university principals has said students may have to pay towards the cost of their degrees after they graduate.

Universities Scotland said higher education should be "free at the point of entry and throughout their study".

But graduates earning reasonable salaries should be asked to pay.
Oh my God, people with a university education having to help fund universities! How... practical.

Scottish First Minister Susan Boyle Alex Salmond has ruled out a return to tuition fees, but has promised to provide a "uniquely Scottish solution" to the issue of higher education funding — and seeing as I've already made an alcohol-related joke about this story, I'm forced to conclude that this solution will involve heart disease in some way.

The Scottish Tory leader criticised Salmond's prevarication on the issue, saying "he's like some latter-day Nero strumming out 'Gaudeamus igitur' on his fiddle while tongues of flame reach out to our universities."

Blimey. Sounds like someone better get out the chequebook.


Side note: what kind of search algorithm makes a Google image search for "jowls" turn up pictures of jowls, but a Google image search for "MALE jowls" turn up a lot of porn?

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