October 11, 2010

Stay Tuned For MLA Limericks

The sixteenth edition of the Chicago Manual of Style was released last month, and to mark some of the important changes introduced in this new edition, plethoric pundigrions is proud to present the following CMS-inspired poetry.

Capitalization Of "Web" And "Internet"
Chicago now prefers
web, website, web page
And so forth —
With a lowercase
But capitalize World Wide Web
And Internet.

Names Like iPod
Brand names that begin
With a lowercase letter followed
By a capital letter
Now retain the lowercase letter
Even at the beginning
Of a sentence or heading.

Names Ending With An "Eez" Sound
Names like Xerxes
Or Euripides
Now form the possessive in the usual way —
With an apostrophe

Note Numbers With Subheads
Chicago no longer objects
To note reference numbers
Or symbols appended to subheads.

Headline-Style Capitalization
In general,
Chicago no longer recommends making exceptions
For short or unstressed words
Or to avoid
The occasional

No wonder I'm not friends with any poets.


chrisdye said...

The last time someone
Capitalized "internet"
Was in '96

Papa' said...

Did Chicago say anything
About spelling
Names like "Euripides"

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