October 05, 2010

Adventures In Babysitting

From AOL ParentDish: Are Tweens Really Ready to Babysit?

Short answer: no. Long answer: oh my God, no.
Forty percent of younger babysitters report they had left children unattended while babysitting, and 20 percent say they opened the door to strangers . . .

The good news? Nearly all (98 percent) of 11- to 13-year-old babysitters know who to contact in the event of an intruder.
So, after opening the door to an intruder, 2% will then stand around scratching their heads about what to do next. And this is the good news?
The vast majority [also] know who to contact if a child is poisoned (85 percent).
Though, I mean, if you've managed to poison a baby to the point where it is visibly suffering, and you're still not sure what you should be doing about it, the right person to contact is ANYBODY.
Ten percent of the young babysitters reported having a personal experience with an emergency requiring a call to 911; 10 called 911 after a child sustained injuries from a significant fall, eight due to a house fire, six because a child had profuse bleeding from a laceration and six because of a significant head trauma.
Good GRIEF. What are these babysitters doing to keep their charges occupied? Significant falls? Profuse bleeding? HOUSE FIRES?

This might all seem pretty alarming, until you consider the picture that the authors of the study released showing a typical tween babysitter:


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