August 15, 2010

Real Life > YouTube

Apologies, as usual for the long blog silence. Please accept as a peace offering the following reviews-in-brief:

Celebrity Autobiography might be better titled "Irony: Live On Stage", because it essentially boils down to an exercise in deadpanning: the only "script" here is actual autobiographies written (or ghostwritten, at least) by sundry celebrities, read aloud by other (more minor) celebrities as if at an ordinary book reading. Where the show's considerable wit lies is in the selection of passages from those autobiographies, which are so histrionic, hyperbolic, and hilarious that it's often hard to believe they were written in earnest. The cast uses their well-tuned comic timing to mercilessly milk those passages for laughs, and the results — particularly Tiger Woods's description of his putting method, given his recent extra-curricular scandals — are thoroughly entertaining. Four pundigrions. (Udderbelly's Pasture, 19:25)

Bo Burnham, YouTube darling of 2008, has been persistently trying to break into the mainstream since his modest early-teenage successes, and his latest effort is a Fringe show at the Pleasance. I have to admit to being a little worried, when I saw his name in the brochure, that the Fringe would eat him alive — Edinburgh ain't exactly a webcam in your bedroom — but after seeing him at Spank! last night all my fears evaporated: it turns out he is actually just a great fucking comedian. He read the crowd perfectly, and his timing was impeccable, and he was generally a laugh riot from start to finish. If I can get tickets to his full show I'm definitely going to see it, and the rest of you should too. (Pleasance Dome, 21:35)

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