August 23, 2010

Comedic Timing of the Week

[Underbelly bar, 12:40 a.m.]

Angry customer: I'm friends with the editor of the Scotsman, and if you don't give me a refund this will be all over tomorrow's paper.

[Scotsman paperboy strolls up]

Paperboy: Can I interest anyone in a copy of tomorrow's Scotsman?

Me: [suppressed giggle]


NB. If any potential angry customers are reading this, let me offer a piece of advice: threatening to call the media is the one thing you can do to absolutely GUARANTEE I will not take you seriously, because:

1) Even on a slow news day, the fact that some drunk tourist didn't get a refund for a Fringe ticket will not make it into print.

2) If you had a legitimate complaint you wouldn't need to threaten to call the media because I'd already be giving you a refund.

Also, side note: we are sponsored by the Scotsman, if you couldn't tell by their logo being plastered all over the place, so calling them will be doubly ineffective. FFS.

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