July 06, 2010

Alleged Child Abuse Collaborator To Visit UK On Taxpayer's Penny

From BBC News: Pope's UK visit 'could cost taxpayers £12m'
The Pope is travelling to the UK at the invitation of the Queen, and she will meet him at Holyroodhouse in Edinburgh on 16 September, the first day of his trip.

He will travel along the city's Princes Street in the Popemobile.
SONOFABITCH! I'm missing the Popemobile by eleven days?! Come a few weeks earlier, Your Holiness! On behalf of the Underbelly I will heartily reserve a sixty-seat dark, humid room for you.

Actually, I'm glad he won't be there during the Fringe — otherwise every single stand-up bloody comedian would be doing gags about it.

e.g. "So, the Pope's in town. Yeah, he came to my gig last night, but we had to kick him out — nobody behind him could see past his fucking hat."

e.g. "The Pope is staying with the Queen right now, apparently. Either that or there's a fucking great costume party going on at Holyrood Palace."

e.g. "I was down on Princes Street yesterday. I think I saw one of those new trams going past. Wasn't too impressed — it was only doing about five miles per hour and the fare collector's uniform made him look like a fucking twat."

(N.B. Every Fringe punchline includes the word "fuck".)

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