June 08, 2010

Oh Snap!

From PopEater: Chris Brown Denied Entry to Great Britain for Tour
Chris Brown has been denied entry into Great Britain on the basis of his past assault conviction, meaning he'll have to postpone a small concert tour there. . . .

The singer tweeted the news, but has since removed that message. However, he's been letting fans know how bummed he is about the decision.

"U ever feel like the storm clouds are too thick for any sunshine to get through?" he mused on Monday.
1. Look, Brown, don't try and blame this on Elyjallakoalatutelage — this is about you being a partner-beating scumbag.

2. Aw, you're bummed? I wonder how f*cking Rihanna felt. Maybe next time you want to tour internationally you should think twice about dishing out the shiners.

Now if only we could get Britain to expel Gordon Brown, we'd be all set.

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