June 23, 2010

Hoi Polloi

47% think World War III will be the cure for cancer.

Incidentally, this really is the stupidest poll ever conducted. What exactly is the supposed benefit in asking a bunch of random people what they think might happen in the future? Here are some other results:

•84% of people think they will have breakfast tomorrow.

•41% of people think it might rain this week.

•68% of people think they are hungry.

•27% of people think some things are good and some things are bad.

•91% of people are indifferent about some stuff.


Next time, why don't we take the money it will take to conduct a poll like this and put it towards actually finding a cure for cancer?


Dye! said...

I was under the impression that World War III would cause a significant increase in the risk of cancer.

Claire said...

There's already cures for cancer. Problem is there's more cancers than cures (Name a body part, and you can have cancer of it)

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