May 23, 2010

Sexual Healing

From BBC News: Heart attack survivors 'fear sex'
Heart attack survivors are highly likely to avoid sex, fearing it could kill them, US researchers say....

Dr Stacy Tessler Lindau, who led the study of 1,700 people, said the chance of dying during sex was "really small".
...Two words that are sure to restore any man's sex drive.
Experts say it is safe for heart attack survivors to start having sex again once they are capable of moderate exercise, such as climbing a few flights of stairs.
So basically, if you can get to the bedroom in the first place, go nuts.
Dr Lindau said: "Most heart attack patients are sexually active. But for the most part, physicians just aren't discussing this topic with their patients after a heart attack."
Well, I mean, that would be pretty weird.

PATIENT: [waking up] I... Where am I?

DOCTOR: You're in the hospital, Mr Jones. You suffered a heart attack.

PATIENT: My god.

DOCTOR: Don't worry, you're over the worst of it now — you're going to pull through.

PATIENT: Oh, thank you, doctor. What can I ever do to repay you?

DOCTOR: Well, let's talk about your level of sexual activity.
Cathy Ross, a cardiac nurse at the British Heart Foundation, said patients should be given information about resuming their sex lives when they were discharged.
But I thought the whole point was to give them that information BEFORE they were discharged.


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