May 19, 2010

Rising To The Occasion

From AOL Health: Men Who Use Viagra Risk Hearing Loss

In an unrelated story, Jay Leno's head exploded today. Here are the jokes from the notebook he was writing in at the time:
No, really, did you read about this? Did you read about this? Apparently, men who take Viagra are twice as likely to develop hearing loss as men who don't... See, ladies? Now you know that when he doesn't answer your calls the next day it's because he can't hear the phone.

No, this is true, really. And I mean, they say it's a negative side effect — but actually it makes the men taking it last even longer. Yeah, because they can't hear their wives telling them they're finished.

Yeah, and apparently sales of Viagra have actually doubled since this story was released. Turns out women are buying it now too — that way they don't have to listen to their husbands snoring afterwards.

No, but really, did you hear this? The scientists who published the results said they started the study because of previous research showing their might be a link between Viagra and hearing loss. And the lead researcher said, this is true, "We wanted to see if the link held up."... Yeah, well, with Viagra the link ALWAYS holds up, if you know what I mean! Am I right, Kevin?

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