May 11, 2010

Define "Cool"

From BBC News: West Midlands Ambulance Service defend 'Hitler' survey
Some West Midlands Ambulance Service staff contacted their union after being asked if they thought Adolf Hitler was a "cool" leader in an NHS survey…

"In discussing different styles of leadership a survey, which is one small part of the project, sought to include an analysis of a dictatorial style.

"With hindsight, it would have been better to have used a different example.
I'll say — haven't they heard of Gordon Brown? Hey-oh!

N.B. Not comparing Gordon Brown to Hitler, which EVEN WITHOUT HINDSIGHT I realise would be a terrible idea; merely reminding people that he is alleged to treat his immediate staff in a dictatorial way.

But really: there's no excuse for the phrase "Choosing Hitler was a bad idea" ever being preceded by "In hindsight".


In other news, as if it wasn't bad enough that Britain officially has a smarmy toff for Prime Minister and my socialist utopia lies in ruins — now there's a bloomin' great ash cloud sitting in the middle of the Atlantic so my parents might not even be able to escape the new bloke's Etonian talons this week! FML.

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