May 02, 2010

Aqueduct For Cover

From Crews Race to Fix Break in Boston's Water Supply
BOSTON (AP) -- Workers began installing on Sunday a metal collar they hoped would provide a quicker-than-expected fix to a break in a major pipe that inhibited the supply of clean water to 2 million people in the Boston area. . . .

Gov. Deval Patrick ordered residents to boil water, since some untreated water has entered the system. It remained safe for firefighting, showering and toilet flushing.
Question: at what point does water cease to be safe for toilet flushing? I mean, my God, this is poop we're talking about, people! How clean does our toilet-flushing water ever need to be?

Speaking of facts about this story that confuse me:
The source of the rupture has been identified in the pipe break that has caused nearly two million people in the Boston area to lose their supply of clean drinking water.
This is the rupture that was pouring eight million gallons of water an hour into the Charles yesterday, right? Shouldn't that have been pretty easy to identify? IT'S THE GIANT LEAK NEAR THE CHARLES.

On the bright side, now I at least know why I pay my ridiculous Cambridge rent.

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