April 28, 2010

Walka Walka Walka

I'm probably late to the party with this one (as usual), but today I discovered that there is a game available for the Wii called "Walk It Out!", which is a self-described, straight-faced "walking simulator":
Walk It Out!'s uniqueness lies in the gameplay where players walk their way throughout an expansive world of fields, stadiums, parks, ocean sides, suburbs and other metropolitan areas.
Gosh, isn't technology marvellous? Though I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Ubisoft's long-rumoured breathing simulator!
Go straight or take a turn and follow the road less traveled to unlock in-game items, songs and bonuses. The more you walk, the more you discover and explore!
Wow! No more treadmills for me! Thank God there's finally a way to walk and explore stuff at the same time!
Because of the easy to learn controls, players of all skill levels can get up and walking quickly!
"Easy to learn controls" = the ability to walk?

Now, I'm all for innovative ways to get kids exercising, but do we think that maybe families should be TAKING THEIR KIDS FOR WALKS instead of buying a Wii game to approximate the experience? I'm looking at you, Dad (video). Good grief.

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Anonymous said...

This game could be quite useful for people who didn't feel comforetable, for whatever reason, with taking their kids out for a walk:

"Walk It Out: South Central LA at Night"
"Walk It Out: Cambodian Countryside"...

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