April 14, 2010

More From The Annals Of Rejection Slip Wording I Could Have Done Without

Dear Mr. Ladd,

Many of [our] submissions inspired us and exerted a strong pull on [our selection]. Even so, I am sorry that your submission did not make our short list.
You know, I appreciate the candour — or its motive, at least — but a simple "no" would have been fine, thanks.

Also, my cocksucking boil-ridden asshole of a neighbour stole my fucking paper again today, like the cocksucking boil-ridden asshole he is. What is the fucking matter with people?

Rants will cease tomorrow. Scouts' honour.

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Heinz Healey said...

This is still happening? You need to saddle up and get a gun like every other good, God fearing American. Sheesh.

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