March 14, 2010

Design Features of the Damned

Dear Samsung,

I respectfully submit to you a receipt for $22.20, for the cab I was forced to take to work this morning because your "Sway" mobile phone handset is fucking useless.

This morning, the first of Eastern Daylight Time, I had set my phone's alarm for 7:30, so that I'd have ample time to get ready and get to work by 9 a.m. (I'm the manager on duty on Sundays, so it's kind of important that I'm there on time).

Actually, I had set two alarms for this morning, both the aforementioned 7:30 on my phone and one for 7:25 on my iPod, because I wanted to make sure I'd get woken up somehow, and was wary of your ridiculous product to begin with. (Instead of having a way to manually set the clock the Sway is locked to network time, which would be fine if the phone's sync with network time didn't occasionally lag by several hours. I remember this vividly from the last time the clocks moved forward.)

Anyway, when 7:25 rolled around and my iPod went off, I saw that the clock on my phone had updated itself, so I happily shut off the first alarm and decided to snooze for the five minutes until the second.

Except it turns out — and this is why I feel you owe me $22.20 — that when the Samsung Sway's clock moves forward an hour, it automatically moves all its set alarms forward by one hour as well, which, quite aside from COMPLETELY DEFEATING THE FUCKING PURPOSE OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME, is an idiotic feature at best and an inexcusable glitch at worst, and when the damn thing eventually went off at 8:30 it was all I could do not to run it through the garbage disposal.

So thanks a fucking lot. You can either make the cheque out to me, or send the money directly to Apple towards my purchase of an iPhone to replace your hunk of shit.

A. Ladd

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Unknown said...

I found your page because I knew SOMEONE must have had the same experience I had. I only use this phone as an alarm clock now because it was a complete failure as a phone. Evidently I was expecting too much...

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