March 31, 2010

Breaking News From The WTF Department

From The Boston Herald: Sarah Palin plans Boston rally with grassroots Tea Party
Former GOP vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is gearing up to ride the Tea Party Express into the bluest state in the nation . . . when the Tea Party Express descends on Boston April 14. . . .

[Tea Party Express Chairman Mark] Williams said Palin will “resonate” in communities such as Lowell, Lawrence, Fall River, Attleboro and Taunton, “where people work real, old-fashioned job jobs” and in parts of western Massachusetts where “there hasn’t been a job since the 19th century.”
I'm guessing, though, that one place she won't resonate is on the Boston Commons (sic), which is surrounded by one of the most consistently Democratic counties in the state, not to mention by two pretty liberal colleges — one of which is made up almost entirely of media-savvy troublemakers who have no compunctions about blowing off their (startlingly few) academic responsibilities to swarm, en masse and in their skinny jeans and keffiyehs, to any event that will make good Facebook banter later in the day. (I'm referring, of course, to Suffolk, and certainly not to any other college on the Common of which I may or may not be an alum.)

Also, speaking of counties in Massachusetts that consistently go Democrat, let's look at western Massachusetts (where, even though the unemployment rate is below the state average in some places, the Tea Party folks claim "there hasn't been a job since the 19th century"). In fact, a lot of western Massachusetts voted against Scott Brown in January's supposedly historic Tea Party victory, and even more decisively than the socialist lizard-people here in Boston. For God's sake, they even voted for Kerry in 2004! Home state prejudice notwithstanding, you had to be a pretty huge leftie to want that cardboard cutout for president. (Though I guess if they've been chronically unemployed for two hundred years, they're probably in favour of a social safety net.)

In summary, I'm not quite sure what the Tea Party Express hopes to accomplish by coming to Boston, but I am going to be there in my skinny jeans and keffiyeh to find out.

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