February 16, 2010


If past performance is any indication (which, as a former investment bank employee, I know is not the case), this year is technically a road trip year for me (see, for context, 2006, 2008). And though I'm not entirely sure if or how I will be able to squeeze a road trip into the murky and hectic not-too-distant future that is my summer, I've been feeling those wanderlusty stirrings again this month — so this morning I planned a route, for shits and giggles if nothing else (N.B. I would actually start at point B and end at point A):

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Some key points:

•Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone National Park (America will explode all over my windshield).

•Four new states to add to my tally: South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, and, if I take a short detour, Montana (and honestly, when you're already driving 1,600 miles, what difference does a short detour make?).

•Crater Lake, Oregon, which my dad had recommended to me when I took my first trip to Oregon in 2006 (and which looks hella awesome), but which I never managed to visit.

•The World's Biggest Little City, or whatever it's called. This last one is obviously kind of contingent on whether Mallory can manage to be in Reno at the same time, and if not I'll probably head to the coast after Crater Lake and revisit 101 north for a while 'til I drive back inland to Portland and a flight home.

Or, more likely, I'll probably keep on working two jobs until July, then spend a week moving and the rest of the summer in my usual damp cave in Edinburgh. But I can dream, right?


MalApropos said...

It's The Biggest Little City in the World. The arch says so. I'll make you take a picture under it. This is just one of the many things you can look forward to.

MalApropos said...

Also, I would very much like to point out that Wyoming is even more desolate than rural Nevada. You should ask my mom about wagon ruts, though. People get pretty excited about wagon ruts.

There is also a giant rock with people's names carved into it. Surrounded by wagon ruts. Ah, the west.

Anonymous said...

But if you took this trip in a convertible, think of all the vitamin D!

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