January 01, 2010

Sourcing My Sites

As dedicated readers surely know by now, I like to kick off the year with a quick review of my Google Analytics stats, and for this year I can happily inform you that I received 6,490 unique visitors, an increase of 29.5% over 2008. Rather than dwell too much on the numbers, though, I thought I'd show you the top ten posts, by number of pageviews, that visitors viewed on the blog. So:

10. "I Don't Want to Put You Out, But…". A rant about the Olympic torch, and all the protests that surrounded it in 2008 while it was on its way to China. My favourite part: "I'm all for a good symbolic tradition, don't get me wrong. That whole Easter egg thing is right up my alley."

9. "Blood Is Thicker Than Water". This was a stupid lookalike joke that I wrote in a drunken haze (probably) during the Fringe this year. It's only popular, I think, thanks to a combination of Google juice and lack of mainstream coverage of the story — though she really does look like Paul Giamatti.

8. "Meta-Procrastination". Out of everything I've written on my blog, I think this is actually one of my favourite posts, ever. It was certainly very satisfying at the time.

7. "Why I'm Glad I No Longer Study Sociology". Another rant, this time about a stupid cultural studies paper that I even more stupidly assigned my freshmen to read. My favourite part: an earnest Esperanto fan actually taking time to comment about Esperanto thanks to a throwaway one-liner I made implying it was an irrelevant and difficult to understand language. ("Interesting mention of Esperanto!")

6. "Recycling Jokes". Extremely popular, practically non-post this year, because of an inexplicably large number of search referrals from people looking for its eponymous subject; eventually eclipsed by actual recycling jokes (see below).

5. "Hello Photoshop, Goodbye Evening". Stupid and yet embarrassingly time-consuming (thanks to dial-up internet) Photoshop gag from when I lived in London. I'm extremely gratified that it's still bringing in visitors. My favourite part: zing match with Ken in the comments.

4. "Reasons Why Britain Is Better Than America, #1452". A frivolous lawsuit thrown out by a British judge inspired this fairly forgettable rant, which nevertheless became (and remains) a rich source of hits from people searching for "reasons why Britain is better than America" (and vice versa).

3. "Bewildering Spam of the Day". Another fairly forgettable post that became one of my top traffic sources this year, presumably from other people who were similarly bewildered. My favourite part: yet another earnest commenter who seems to have missed the point entirely.

2. "Facebook Fail". I wondered immediately after I posted this one whether or not the commenter I was making fun of was actually misunderstanding on purpose for comic effect — in which case bravo on them but shame, I suppose, on me. Became one of my most popular posts this year presumably because its only text consists of two of the (presumably) most-searched-for words on the internet.

1. "Actual Recycling Jokes". As I mentioned in the original post, and above, "recycling jokes" has been a bizarrely popular search referral for me this year, and so in this post I thought I'd give all those frantic Googlers something to talk about. It's not one of my proudest moments, particularly, but I tend to delude myself and think it must be getting used somewhere to teach people about recycling. So I feel okay about it.

And finally — just because — my five favourite search referrals from this year:

5. dan beirne (6 visits)
4. fuck americans and their tipping (1 visit)
3. my chicks have hatched what now (1 visit)
2. i want to buy a fucking kilt (1 visit)
1. postmodernism i am a pineapple (2 visits)

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