January 18, 2010

Pros and Cons

The campaigning in the increasingly frantic Massachusetts senator race reached a new high over the weekend, with both sides bringing in high-profile supporters to stump for them at eleventh-hour political rallies.

Martha Coakley, most notably, was joined at a campaign event by President Barack Obama, and given that Massachusetts voters sided with Mr Obama in the 2008 presidential election by a margin of roughly 800,000 votes, I'd say the Democrats have it pretty well sewn u—
In a rally of his own at Mechanics Hall in Worcester, which drew nearly as many people as the Obama rally, Mr. Brown said the “Democratic machine” had been caught off guard by his surging popularity. He surrounded himself with local legends, including Curt Schilling, the retired Red Sox pitcher [who, in 2004, famously helped the beleaguered Boston team win their first World Series since 1918].
Aw, crap. If there's one thing that will sway pretty much any Massachusetts voter it's a legendary Red Sox player. (Massachusetts political trumps go like this: Ace = a Red Sox player, King = a Kennedy, Queen = a Kennedy wife, and so on all the way down to Two, which I believe = John Kerry).

Still, Massachusetts is a pretty liberal place, I'm sure one little Red Sox player couldn't possibly overturn more than forty years of Democrati—
Mr. Brown held his “people’s rally” . . . [joined by] a cast of local legends, including Mr Schilling; Doug Flutie, the former quarterback for the New England Patriots; and John Ratzenberger, who played the affable mailman Cliff Clavin on “Cheers.”
Awwwww CRAP!

Okay, okay, but I'm sure even the Democrats have more to offer than just Obama; they must have a ton of other beloved local figures lined up to offer their suppo—
Thomas M. Menino, the mayor of Boston, expressed the urgency of the moment on Sunday to a crowd of fellow Democrats, declaring: “Get off our butts. Let’s go out there and find our friends.”
Well, that healthcare bill sure would have been nice. Oh well.

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