January 26, 2010

Information Is Even Beautifuller

The current craze in statistics is "information design", or compressing complex social, political and economic issues into pithy and colourful GIF files that make those murky issues a little easier for the layperson to grasp. But I say, why stop there? Surely the information in infographics can be made even simpler; why waste time deciphering a highly detailed image when FIVE WORDS can do the job in seconds?

After the jump are a few examples, all courtesy of David McCandless's seminal Information Is Beautiful blog — mouse over for the improved versions.


Claire said...

agreed especially re: dogs and twitter

also http://www.verysmallarray.com

Andrew said...

YES! I wanted to use some from Very Small Array but it's been about a year since I visited and I couldn't remember what it was called. Thanks!

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