December 07, 2009

In Which Andrew Loses Faith In Humanity, Pt. 2

From AOL News: Natasha Bedingfield to perform at Nobel concert
OSLO -British pop star Natasha Bedingfield will perform at the Dec. 11 Nobel Peace Prize Concert honoring this year's winner, U.S. President Barack Obama, organizers said Wednesday.
Well, Jesus, I guess if there's one audience who can sit through a Natasha Bedingfield concert without murdering someone, it's a group of Nobel Peace Prize laureates…
Bedingfield, a chart-topper in the U.S. and Europe, will join Wyclef Jean, Toby Keith, and Chinese pianist Lang Lang, organizers said.…

American actor and rap artist Will Smith and his wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, will host the concert.
WTF? When did MTV start sponsoring the Nobel Peace Prize? Will Smith?! I mean, I suppose there's no good reason why the Nobel Peace Prize Concert has to be as highfalutin as the award it complements, but I feel like they could have done better than a guy whose best-selling album was called Big Willie Style.

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