December 06, 2009

In Which Andrew Loses Faith In Humanity, Pt. 1

Extremely dedicated readers may remember that, while I was living in London, I went on a rant (shocking, I know) about a "Twenty Common Writing Mistakes" article I'd found that was quite hilariously full of writing mistakes itself.

Anyway, that was coming up on three years ago, now, so you can imagine my surprise when yesterday, out of the blue, I received the following angry, anonymous comment on the post:
I really hope you've failed in your objective [to become an English teacher] because I'd hate you to be involved with teaching my children English.

Well, I say the comment was "anonymous", but considering the original post took aim at one person in particular — a man named David B. Wildgoose — and considering that yesterday was also the first day in the history of my blog that I got a Google hit from somebody searching for "David Wildgoose", I'm going to speculate wildly for a moment and say that my angry commenter was, in fact, David B. Wildgoose himself. (Even if it wasn't, I like the irony inherent in my wrongly assuming something about somebody named Wildgoose.)

Anyway, David, if it really is you: I'm sorry if I offended you, and I've removed the most egregious insults from the original post, but I hope that next time, rather than leave an anonymous comment, you'll do the civilised thing and take responsibility for your reply.

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