December 14, 2009


Has anybody else noticed the uncanny similarity between recently attacked Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi, and long-suffering counter-terrorism agent Jack Bauer?

Other things I love about this story:

•Berlusconi is being treated by the reincarnated spirit of Italo Calvino, if this report on the premier's condition is anything to go by:
"I found him shaken, embittered, as if he had been woken from a bad dream really disheartened."
•The weapon used in the attack was a model cathedral. Talk about a rift with the Catholic church!

•One of Berlusconi's aides has alleged that the premier had a "premonition" about the attack:
"On the way to Milan's cathedral square [Berlusconi said] that he feared "something might happen" because of the "climate of hate" against him."
Which I think is impressive less as a piece of clairvoyance and more as an example that Berlusconi is occasionally somewhat cognizant of what is occurring in the real world.

Italy: the Homer Simpson of global politics.

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AlexisV said...

Graffiti on a wall in Milan, 2005: "Berlusconi sa di tapo." (He tastes like cork, apparently)

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