October 01, 2009

Roman Holiday

You know, I made a conscious decision not to blog about the Roman Polanski story when it broke last week because I didn't think I had much else to add to the debate. But it's been so stubbornly refusing to die — and grating on my nerves a little more acutely each day that it doesn't — that I'm just going to come out and say it:

Send the guy to fucking jail already.

Now, look, I'm not being a complete Neanderthal here: I understand that The Pianist was a very good movie (sorry, film). And I get that maybe the LAPD didn't handle the case as well as they could have — and, gosh, I know we all hold the LAPD to such high standards of efficiency in every other situation — but the man drugged a thirteen-year-old and then took her to bed. I don't care how many great films he's directed, I don't care how upstanding a citizen he is these days, I don't care what a great father he is. I even don't care if he had a cameo in a Jackie-fucking-Chan movie (and he did): the man committed a crime, pled guilty to that crime, was convicted of that crime, and now he needs to go to jail for it — and everyone needs to stop getting their ascots in such a twist.

Among Polanski's defenders is philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, who dismissed the rape as "a youthful error" — presumably meaning "youthful error" as in, "an error involving a youth", because R-Po himself was in his forties at the time, and I think French philosophers are probably the only demographic to whom "forties" counts as "young".

Also on Polanski's side is a group of one hundred or so film industry leaders, who released a petition this week expressing "stupefaction" with his arrest. Among them — and this is so ridiculous it kills me — is WOODY FUCKING ALLEN. Don't get me wrong, here, I love Small Time Crooks as much as the next guy, but when did we start taking advice from Woody Allen on appropriate behaviour towards minors? Who's next? Gary Glitter? R. Kelly? JUST SEND HIM TO FUCKING JAIL ALREADY! It'll take a few measly months out of his already richly-lived — clearly — life, and then he can probably direct an Oscar-winning film about the experience and all these ridiculous film industry leaders will have something to be happy about again.

And in the meantime, I can stop reading every day about how paedophilia should be fine if you're an artist, and get back to having faith in society.

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