September 17, 2009

Same Ol', Same Ol'

From The New York Times: As Race Debate Grows, Obama Steers Clear of It
[President Obama] woke up on Wednesday to a rapidly intensifying debate about how his race factors into the broader discussion of civility in politics . . .

Mr. Obama’s response to all this, aides say, has been to tell his staff not to be distracted by the charges and to focus on health care and the rest of his policy agenda.

“He could probably give a very powerful speech on race . . .” said Valerie Jarrett, a senior adviser to Mr. Obama. “But right now his top domestic priority is health care reform."
There you have it, folks.The Obama administration is now officially blasé about his impressive rhetorical abilities.

Oh, sure, he could probably issue an incisive and eloquent rebuke to the nation over this latest uproar, but to be honest, he'd rather have a hot dog, you know? Being a moving and inspirational public speaker these days is just so... yawn city. And let's be honest, we're clearly not really listening, right? Otherwise the whole Gates thing would have been the last we heard about race. So let's just give him a break for a while, okay? And then the next time there's a Holocaust anniversary or something we can dust off the old autocue for old time's sake.


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