August 13, 2009

More from the Annals of Spam

Spam is sickened by linguistics!
vomitory Want to get huge for girls? linguistics
Spam wishes to be very clear!
You'll function well: as a man!
Also, while we're on the topic of sex...

One of the shows at Underbelly this year stars U.K. "porn legend" Ben Dover (that's his porn name, though his real name, "S. Lindsey Honey", doesn't sound any less made up). Mr Dover has his own range of branded merchandise which we're selling in the box office, and his producer has been pretty persistent about trying to get it prominently displayed.

Anyway, the other day he brought in a particularly huge wall rack that he wanted to hang behind our counter, which I flatly refused to let him do, and after trying a variety of tactics to persuade me, he rounded off with a wink and a nudge and a promise that if I relented he would, quote, see about getting me a day on set.


So, needless to say, the upshot is that you should all expect a detailed account of pundigrions goes porno later this month. Sorry Mallory.

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MalApropos said...

Do they let people with mumps on porno sets?

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