August 08, 2009

Mervyn Stutter, Eat Your Heart Out

Now that the Fringe has officially started, here are a few of my picks to get you on your way:

1. Barry & Stuart: Powered By Demons. Sell-out darlings of last year's Underbelly line-up, this duo of affable, impish Scottish magicians are back again this year with twice as many seats to sell — and that will be the least impressive thing you see them do, trust me. I missed their show last time round but caught one of their previews this year, and it was really just astonishingly good: there's a nice mixture of playful humour and gruesome spectacle, a great rapport between both the performers and the audience, and a hypnotism bit that completely blew me away. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Five pundigrions.

2. Woody Sez. I saw this mixture of dramatic monologue and folk music at the company's last Edinburgh date two years ago, and had this to say:
Superb. The action is well-paced; "Woody" has that warm, affable charm that only baby boomer Southerners can really pull off; and the music — all performed live by four musicians on about twelve different instruments — is pure jubilance. that, I have nothing else to add. Five pundigrions.

3. Silent Disco. Even as someone who hates clubbing and dancing in all their forms (except the Brazilian fighting kind, obviously), I hold a special place in my heart for the experience of Silent Disco. If you haven't heard of it before, the deal is that you go to a "club", but instead of giant speakers the DJs feed music into wireless headphones, so the room itself is silent but for the shuffling of feet against the floor. It's fantastically atmospheric, and this year is being held in the grand, frescoed interior of Macewan Hall, which is worth seeing all by itself. Five pundigrions.

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