August 27, 2009

Mervyn Stutter, Eat Your Heart Out, Pt. 2

Incidentally, I met Mervyn Stutter last night and found him extremely charming, and sincerely hope that he doesn't attempt to eat his own heart out any time soon.

Anyway, as is my habit going into the final weekend of the Fringe, I thought I'd recommend a few last shows for anyone in town (in addition to my already standing recommendations from a few weeks ago).

1. Controlled Falling Project (Underbelly, 15:50). I just can't tell you how fantastic this dance/acrobatics/physical comedy show was. The performers are great, the set design is great, the music is really great, and even the fairly corny premise was pulled off with charm and consummate professionalism. Totally engrossing, five out of five pundigrions, and definitely my favourite show of this year's Fringe.

2. God: A Play by Woody Allen (Pleasance Dome, 12:35). I read this play way back in high school and loved it, and was so flabbergasted to see it crop up in the Fringe program this year that I shelled out actual MONEY for a ticket. It's Allen at his finest — an hour filled with puns, self-referential jokes, wry observations about well-to-do New Yorkers and academics, and, of course, some light-hearted theological debate. It's a student production and very low-budget, but that, if anything, adds to its not inconsiderable appeal. The performers really go for it to compensate for the total lack of set, and the guy who plays Woody Allen is worth the price of admission alone. Four pundigrions.

3. Axis of Awesome (Gilded Balloon, 21:15). Australian musical trio in a vaguely Tenacious D-ish, rock comedy vein. They're very personable and good musicians to boot, and while I haven't seen their whole show, what material I have seen (both live and on t'internet) has been strong and consistent. Four pundigrions.

And now, to work. Perhaps I can get some more tickets thrown angrily in my face today. The joys of management.

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