August 11, 2009

David vs Goliath

...or, "Why Major League Soccer Is The Saddest Sport In The World"

From Newsvine: Real Madrid pulls away in 2nd, tops DC United 3-0
The inevitable breakdown occurred in the second half, when Gonzalo Higuain shredded United's defense for two goals in a two-minute span, leading the Spanish powerhouse to a 3-0 victory . . .

Real defeated Toronto FC 5-1 on Friday. . . .
So, I mean, 3-0 isn't too bad, right?
Had it not been for Wicks, the final score would have been much uglier. Real outshot United 19-4, including 10-2 in shots on goal.
"You never know when you're going play them again, so make sure you have your best game," said [D.C. United keeper Josh] Wicks, whose $42,000 MLS salary would be pocket change for Real.
Okay, so they're hopelessly outclassed and very much below the professional soccer poverty line, but at least they have their fans, right?
United's usual home, RFK Stadium, couldn't hold all the U.S.-based Real fans who wanted to come . . .

"The crowd actually gave me more confidence," Wicks said. "You sure don't want to mess up in front of 70,000. One or two hundred is OK to mess up on, but 70,000 — you don't want to do that."
For the love of God, please just stop talking now.
"We tried our best. Sometimes you're just a little outmatched," United midfielder Ben Olsen said. "It was hot. They were a little sluggish in the first half."
Why do the MLS keep setting up these games? It's like watching an injured kitten try to knock down Magic Johnson.

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