August 29, 2009

Blood Is Thicker Than Water

From AOL News: Relatives Charged With Stealing From Dying Eveyln Roth, Who Lived

When Evelyn Roth was put in a nursing home following surgery for a cancerous growth on her oesophagus, she signed over power of attorney to two of her relatives: Kathleen Jingling and Virginia Kuehn. Jingling and Kuehn were assured by Roth's doctor that the elderly woman was "guaranteed" to die, so they promptly sold off all her stuff and went on a spree of writing large checks to each other from Roth's bank account.

Then Roth pulled through, and now she's charging her two relatives on 35 counts of felony, including first-degree criminal mistreatment and first-degree theft.


Anyway, this is clearly a fascinating and emotional story, so it's no surprise that the folks in Hollywood have already announced plans for a movie adaptation, starring Paul Giamatti as Kathleen Jingling and Wallace Shawn as Virginia Kuehn — which, I think you'll agree, is an inspired piece of casting:


Edit: And this guy will be played by Thumb Man.

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