August 10, 2009

Are We Going Too Quickly For You?

From The Annals of Pointless Research (aka AOL Personals): Female Body Type Men Most Prefer

Get ready to be shocked.
Who's hot and who's not? Men find thin, seductive women to be the most attractive, according to a study from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.
That's right, folks: men are more likely to want to have sex with seductive women.

A pretty groundbreaking finding, I think we can all agree — but what does it MEAN?
What it means: If the majority of men prefer thin women, then this may explain why so many women feel pressured to conform to a certain look.
For instance, most women will probably try to avoid looking as circular as this article's reasoning. Seductive women are more seductive so women feel pressured to look more seductive. What?


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Claire said...

Read title as "Female Blood Type", was sorely disappointed

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