July 31, 2009

They Were Too Busy Organising a Piss-up in a Brewery

From BBC NEWS | Northern Ireland: Fire station destroyed in blaze mess of irony
Rathfriland fire station has been destroyed in an overnight fire in County Down. . . .

Twenty firefighters managed to bring the fire under control but it was too far advanced when they arrived for the station to be saved.
When they ARRIVED? From WHERE?!!

Area commander Don McKay told residents there were still ample facilities in place to fight other fires:
"So the local community need not worry - a fire appliance will arrive if they need one."

. . . Four appliances from Newry were used to tackle the fire.
What the fuck is a "fire appliance", anyway? Is it just a stupid way to say fire engine or what?

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Christopher Dye said...

If anything, a "fire appliance" should be an oven.

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