July 26, 2009

An Open Letter To Snooty Londoners

Dear Snooty Londoners,

Having lived and worked in your city for a year of my life, I am compelled to agree with you that it is, indeed, a world-class destination replete with fun, trendy, and impressively over-priced businesses and services, such as bars, cafes, shops, museums, economy–crippling institutions, etc.

However, I must take issue with your assertion that Edinburgh is somehow inferior to the English capital, and furthermore contend that you should:

A. Fuck off

B. Go back to London if you love it so fucking much

C. Learn to appreciate that different cities in fact have different kinds of charm, and that the availability of, e.g., expensive designer cupcakes, bars with creative male/female signs outside the bathrooms, restaurants showcasing the cuisines of obscure countries and ethnic groups that your friends haven't heard of, etc., is not necessarily the ultimate criterion for evaluating the desirability of any given place. (For instance, one of Edinburgh's most beguiling features is that it is not FULL OF FUCKING LONDONERS ALL THE TIME.)

If you require any clarification on any of the above, I suggest you consult your iPhone.

Kind regards,
A. Ladd


Anonymous said...

To all smarmy bloggers:
Go be cynical about something interesting.
Better-than-thou Londoner

Anonymous said...

And by something interesting I mean that new ethiopian-tex mex fusion bar in soho.


So seriously, is there an ethiopian-tex mex fusion bar in soho?...lol...i'm seriously laughing here. I'm ethiopian and i've never heard of such a thing and on top of that, I live in Texas...but to the anonymous commentator, I think you should go choke on some fish and chips sir. I agree with Mr. Ladd.

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