July 02, 2009

Choose Your Own Punchline

From Newsvine: Andy vs. Andy: Roddick faces Murray at Wimbledon

The current edition of Wimbledon is the 23rd Grand Slam tournament since Andy Roddick won his lone major championship at the 2003 U.S. Open.

He badly wants to win a second. . . .

"[T]he whole gig when he hired me is we've got to win a Slam," Roddick's coach, Larry Stefanki, said. . . . "Winning a Slam is what it's all about. Coming in second is like kissing your sister"
Punchline (a): He gets to go on Maury Povich afterwards?

Punchline (b): Yeah, except I'm pretty sure you don't get half a million pounds for kissing your sister.

Punchline (c): The sentiment was echoed by a spokesperson for the Society of Incest Survivors (SIS), who said in a prepared statement that "kissing your sister is like losing in the final at Wimbledon".

Punchline (d): Stefanki then winked and added, "unless your sister is really hot, in which case fuck tennis."

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