June 02, 2009

Je June

I just got back from Montreal, and would like to heartily congratulate my rented Ford Focus — from Boston to Montreal and back on a mere forty-eight dollars' worth of gas. Bravo!

Tomorrow I'm going down to Florida for a few days and will return to Boston Friday afternoon, just in time for my UNITED STATES STAGE DEBUT with local improv troupe Kitsch In Sync on Friday night. Be there, etc. (Facebook event forthcoming.)

Also, astute readers will have noticed a novel progress bar along the top of the page. This is mostly intended as a way to further motivate myself to actually finish my first draft this summer, so please feel free to send me abusive emails if I seem not to be making my weekly goals (this week excepted, as I have been/will be on vacation).

That is all.

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Rachael said...

Huzzah! I cannot wait to see you and to celebrate your debut! There will be much rejoicing and scorpion bowls :) Come home!

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