June 18, 2009


From Newsvine: Analysis: Ensign affair one more woe for GOP
WASHINGTON — It's just about the last thing the beleaguered Republican Party needed: a Christian conservative with national aspirations admitting to an extramarital affair with an ex-staffer.
I'm pretty sure his wife could have done without it too.

Incidentally, gross and unnecessary figure of speech:
There also was a report of a previous affair, in 2002, an indication that the drip, drip of dalliance details may only just be beginning.
Tell me you can hear the words "drip, drip", "dalliance", and "politician" and not think of Monica Lewinsky's blue dress.

Also, speaking of news reports that are hilariously devoid of empathy, how about this BBC article about North Korea qualifying for the World Cup next year:
Iran's failure to defeat South Korea in Seoul earlier meant that North Korea only needed a draw in Riyadh.
Really? You're going to blame this one on Iran? Because I think they have a few things besides the World Cup on their mind right now...

So is this why everyone is so afraid of North Korea these days?

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