May 11, 2009


From BBC NEWS | Scotland: Key tram section to be year late
SNP MSP Shirley Anne Somerville said she was worried some parts of the route may be scrapped if it runs over budget. . . .

Ms Somerville said: "This tram scheme has gone from fiasco to farce. With 30% of utility works still to be done at this stage, I am extremely concerned that the project's finances are completely off the rails."


Anonymous said...

Seriously though. Apparently after all the fuss they are only going to build one tram line! Can you believe it?? (No pun here. Just Edinburgh-related concern.)

Andrew said...

I always thought the whole tram thing was a giant waste of time and money, anyway. Much like the Scottish Parliament building. ZING. Maybe they should build a tram line that goes there. SNAP. And takes MSPs away from Edinburgh. HO NO I DIDN'T.

Ah, local politics.

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