March 09, 2009

Rent, Eat Your Heart Out

I heard on NPR the other day about a Taiwanese study showing that college students who blog regularly about their personal lives are happier than those who don't. This seemed like a positive effect of the internet that was worth blogging about, so I set about trying to find the study on Google. It wasn't in fact, that interesting, but I did, in the process of Googling, find out another fact about Web 2.0 that is so depressing as to cancel out any positive effect of blogging about a gazillion times over.

Every day, 3 billion minutes globally are spent on Facebook. That is the equivalent of fifty-seven centuries, or, roughly speaking, the same amount of time that has elapsed since the beginning of the Ancient Egyptian empire. That's right, folks: we are currently pouring the entirety of human history into FACEBOOK, approximately once a day. If that doesn't sober you up, you may wish to consider that, at that rate, every ten days or so of Facebook use (or 57,000 years) is roughly equal to the amount of time that Homo sapiens has been a distinct biological species.

So keep updating those statuses, people.


Anonymous said...

This "entirety of human history" business is true providing there was only one person alive throughout those 57 centuries, my hyperbolic friend.

Andrew said...

Yeah, I KNOW, but still! 57 centuries a DAY? Even if it's not technically equal to the entirety of human history, that's an awful lot of time disappearing into the ether.

Anonymous said...

I'm not trying to defend facebook usage. It really is a time sink.

I wonder how much time is spent fetching drinking water. So many things to be curious about.

Time spent listening to Nickelback?
Time spent on difficult jars?
Time spent drinking Coca-Cola?

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Nickelback fan, but Vinny you have raised an important issue.

Rockstar - 4 minutes, 15 seconds
Re-release date - 5 June 2007

Assuming only radio play (or other similar public place e.g. bars, malls), I reckon I have heard that song on average once per week from June 2007 to roundabout present. Also there were two weeks of PEAK radio play, conservatively estimated as 10 listens per week. So that is a total of about 640 listens, which is at 2,715 minutes, which is 45 hours and 15 minutes. TWO DAYS. And I don't even own a Nickelback album. THINK ABOUT IT, PEOPLE

Andrew said...

Yeah, and imagine: if we figure an average of, say, five minutes per day peeing, and multiply that by the number of people in the world who pee daily (i.e. everyone), we can see that the human race as a whole spends 33 billion minutes (or 627 centuries) peeing every day. Yikes.

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