March 03, 2009


From BBC NEWS | Entertainment: University quiz team disqualified
The BBC has disqualified the winners of University Challenge for breaking the rules by using a contestant who was no longer a student.

The title has been transferred to the University of Manchester, who were beaten by Corpus Christi College, Oxford on the TV quiz last week. . . .

[Manchester] team captain, Matthew Yeo, commented: "While we accept the decision of the University Challenge judges, we are saddened to have been awarded the trophy under such circumstances.

"In order to spare any more hurt at this time we want to draw a line underneath this. We knew the decision wasn't in our hands and we're very saddened. But the decision was not ours to be made. We've certainly been awarded a victory but it saddens us that it happened in this way. To prevent further heartache for all eight of us we don't want to say any more."
You know, it's extremely comforting that, even in these times of social and economic turmoil, the people of Britain can still come together like this, and be scandalised by something completely trivial and ridiculous.

The "tragic" (actual quote) blight on British student anoraks everywhere boiled down to one member of the Corpus Christi team, Sam Kay, who, though a student at the start of this year's series, was working as an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers by the time the final was filmed. Said a spokesperson for the BBC: "Clearly anybody who was stupid enough to accept a job in the financial sector these days has no place on a prize-winning quiz team."

At the start of the final Kay announced that he was studying chemistry, but after the show aired
PricewaterhouseCoopers told the BBC Mr Kay was employed as a graduate accountant last September.
Ah, so this is why we're in the midst of a global financial crisis — because all the whistleblowers are too busy watching f*!$ing Jeopardy!!
One Manchester University student said for her team to win under these circumstances "tarnished" the victory.

Cori Bromfeld, 22, said: "People in the future will say that we only won because the other team cheated."
...Oh, the cruel lens of history! Always showing things the way they actually are!

American readers: University Challenge. As far as I'm concerned, the frantic zoom and orgasmic announcer shouting the last name and college of the person buzzing in is the best feature of any TV quiz show ever created anywhere.

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